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Sirius-XM interoperable model arrives

by on09 January 2009


Mirge should hit the shelves at around $250

The first ever Sirius-XM post-merger combined satellite radio unit is now confirmed and coming to a retailer near you soon. The new satellite radio unit will be called Mirge and it will be the first satellite radio unit that will allow the user to receive all of the channels on both the Sirius and XM satellites.

Since the merger, the combined Sirius-XM has been making exclusive programming that the other provider offered available to subscribers who own a Sirius or XM satellite radio unit. However, the choices of programming that have been available in these combined offerings have not necessarily been everything that customers hoped from the merger.

The release of the Mirge will allow customers to receive all of the programming that the new company has to offer; and the best news might be that the combined package that grants a user to everything that the Mirge is able to receive is slated to go for about $20 per month.

The Mirge builds upon the success of previous Sirius releases and moves them to the next level with a larger color display that can display stocks or sports scores while the programming continues to play. As with many previous units, the Mirge will offer a one-hour pause/rewind/play buffer and the ability to define up to ten preset station favorites for quick tuning.

The Mirge will land on retailer shelves this spring and is expected to go for about $250. For this price, the package will include the interoperable antenna, vehicle dock, power adapter, cassette adapter, mounting hardware and a remote control unit.

Additional accessories for the Mirge will include the home kit, sound system dock and compact sound system. No exact date has been mentioned as to when we can expect to see the accessories for the Mirge arrive, but our guess would be late spring, with some accessories not seeing the light of day until early summer.
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