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8.9-inch Wind notebook pictured

by on04 June 2008


Computex 08:  Same 1024x600 resolution

We had a chance to see and compare a Wind Notebook 8.9-inch display to the 10-inch version we've reviewed last week here.

The 8.9-inch display also feels good, but as you can see from the picture, it is smaller than the 10.2-inch version Wind PC notebook, yet it’s still comfortable to work with.

The 8.9-inch display is still far better than the 7-inch that looks like a toy compared to this one. The smaller display notebook will, again, have the same N270 Atom 1.6GHz CPU and the machine supports up to 2GB memory; but you can expect it to ship with 512MB or 1GB.

The final specification of this notebook is still not set, but MSI has told us that the smaller of the two Wind notebooks will ship in the July timeframe, so it still has some time to nail the specs.

The 8.9-inch version will also have a slightly better battery life, and with 5200 mAh you are looking for some serious battery threat.

The black one is 10.2-inch, like the one we've tested, while the white one is 8.9-inch.



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