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OCZ showcases a new EliteXStream PSU line

by on05 March 2008


Cebit 08: Has  a single +12V rail


 is showcasing a new power supply series branded EliteXStream. The PSUs in this series will be available in 800W and 1000W, and they feature a single +12V rail design.

The new series will be cooled by a large, possibly thermaly controlled fan that will be positioned at the bottom, so nothing new there.

It has Nvidia SLI certification and efficiency rating of over 80 percent. Unfortunately, the Amps on that single +12V rail are still unknown, but there should be enough power there as it's Nvidia SLI certified.

This isn´t OCZ's high-end series so the fact that it's not a modular design is expected. On the good side is the fact that the price won't be that high.


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