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Is Universal in secret talks with the BDA?

by on10 January 2008


CES 2008:
BDA could offer incentive for HD DVD owners to go Blu, too?

It could be that we missed the boat by not spending the entire time at CES staking out the BDA booth and meeting rooms at CES just to see who was going in and out. According to sources it is now being at least suggested that Universal might have reached out to the BDA about the possibility of going Blu-ray or at least adding Blu-ray titles to the HD DVD titles that they are already committed to doing.

In addition, a public suggestion was made by Digital Bits editor Bill Hunt that the BDA should consider attempting to reach out to current HD DVD owners, offering some sort of incentive to help them make the transition to Blu-ray. According to reports, this idea is being seriously floated and gaining at least some traction around the BDA; and it might help mend some fences with consumers who feel that they were duped by buying a HD DVD player this holiday season.

Last modified on 10 January 2008
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