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Corsair has 1,000 Watt PSU in development

by on09 January 2008


CES 2008:  Powering triple SLI setup in demo

We met with the team at Corsair and they showed us the new 1000 Watt power supply that was powering their triple SLI demo system in their suite. Corsair says that they have been developing and testing a prototype and they are getting closer to release of this new PSU. The need for more power is a very real problem,according to Corsair, for users who are pushing their systems to the limit with multiple graphics cards.

The new PSU will follow Corsair’s PSU design philosophy, which is to deliver rock solid, high-performance power supply solutions for the most demanding configurations. Corsair’s new unit will also feature the low noise that Corsair has become famous for. The ability to be able to supply power to three cards in SLI mode as shown in the picture below is quite impressive. Corsair is targeting a release for the unit sometime in early 2008, but they will not release it until it is ready and it meets the high quality standards that Corsair is known for.


In addition to the preview of the new 1000 Watt power supply, Corsair also showed us its just announced 32BG version of the Survivor USB flash drive. The Survivor is targeted at users who need the highest in physical protection for their USB flash drive.

In our discussion with Corsair they told us that they are looking at other areas where they can extend their engineering talent and excellence to deliver other new high quality products. While they are not ready to announce anything else new yet, they did want to let customers know that they continue research and development. Expect to see Corsair move into some new product areas during 2008.

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