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Intel and HP go after NAS

by on07 January 2008


CES 2008: Network Attached Storage

Both Intel and HP have shown their own solutions to a network storage device and these companies wants to move the central home storage out of the PC.

The concept is rather simple and great. You have a device that can take up to four hard drives, each up to 1 TeraByte, and you get yourself a storage center with a lot of storage space and that doesn't have to be in your home office or living room.

It can be in some other room where it won't bother you. Intel’s device is branded SS4200E, and HP has a similar one, where both support up to four hard drives and have a nice user interface.  This is what Intel and HP plan for small business and home users in 2008. Get one of these and record even more ripped movies.

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