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Hackers declare war on boy bands

by on14 June 2010


At last a real cause

which mention South Korean boy bands are being hacked by China after a riot in Shanghai. The Korean boy band, "Super Junior" was holding a concert at the South Korea pavilion at the Shanghai Expo on 30 May.

Apparently the concert attracted thousands of fans, who queued for hours to get one of the 5,000 promised tickets. But at the last minute the authorities only allowed 2000 people in and those left outside began a massive protest, allegedly trying to stampede a human police barrier and clawing at officers.

The Chinese web users were furious at the "braindead" behaviour of the fans, known as K-fans. Apparently it was decided to call a cyber jihad on "all forums liked by Korean pop fans".

Sites have been going down like crazy and although it is hard to be big fans of hackers, boy bands were dreamed up by Satan on the same day he came up with Céline Marie Claudette Dion.

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