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Sony sued for patent infringement

by on31 July 2007

PS3 cell processor in trouble
Parallel Processing, a small southern California company that says it's the owner and exclusive licensee of U.S. patent number 5,056,000 for “Synchronized Parallel Processing with Shared Memory,” has filed a complaint in U.S. District Court against Sony Corporation of America that alleges infringement of Parallel’s existing patent.

Parallel’s patent was issued by the U.S. Patent Office in October 1991 for a “high-speed computer that breaks down a program into smaller concurrent processes running in different parallel processors and resynchronizes the program for faster processing times.” Parallel Processing’s claim alleges that Sony’s Playstation 3 cell processor operates in a manner that infringes Parallel’s patent and is continues to infringe on the patent. 

In its claim Parallel is seeking damages, reimbursement of legal fees, interest, and the impounding and destruction of Sony’s PS3 products that infringe the Parallel patent. Parallel is also claiming that the Sony patent infringement has caused it irreparable harm and monetary damage.

Did a corporation the size of Sony fail to conduct an adequate patent search for its PS3 cell processor design before commencing production? This seems hard to believe, but we will wait to see what happens next.

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