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Adobe and Greystripe working on Flash to HTML5 converter

by on08 June 2010


Ouch Steve

and Greystripe have announced a partnership to develop a converter than will enable flash on HTML5 devices. Basically, it will let Apple users enjoy Flash on their mobile toys, although messiah Steve Jobs would rather that they don't.

Greystripe has apparently come up with a software solution that can transcode Flash into HTML5 on the fly. Adobe seemed intrigued enough to ink an agreement with Greystripe to develop a new ad solution that could be used on all platforms, including Apple's OS somethings, as well as Android and Java devices.

We're not sure how Apple will react to Adobe's move, especially considering a highly publicized falling out between the two outfits. Be as it may, there is a chance that at least some Flash content could be viewed on Apple devices in the future, although Apple probably won't declare it kosher or halal for that matter.

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