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Apple announces iOS 4 for iPhone, iPod, iPad

by on07 June 2010


Over 1500 new features, new search provider options

The iPhone operating system has officially undergone a name change. What was once speculated to be named iPhone OS 4 in the proper continuation of mobile operating system revisions will now come to be known as iOS 4.

“We’ve taken a little longer to come up with a good architecture for multitasking.” New additions to Apple’s world renown mobile operating system include a new folder implementation, a significantly faster mobile Safari. All in all, the new operating system includes over 1500 new features. Among many of them include draggable map annotations, date formatters, power analysis tools, photo library access, in-app SMS, block-based animation, date data detectors, image I/O and performance profiling tools.

However, the stars of the show seem to be a unified inbox, basic multitasking, conversation threading, homepage folder creation for better app organization and retina display integration. For enterprise and professional users, some of the newly touted corporate features include better data protection, device management, wireless app distribution, multiple exchange support, SSL VPN support and Exchange Server 2010 support.

There has been quite a bit of controversy in the past few months regarding Apple’s decision to include more search providers into its mobile Safari web browsing experience. From directly from the horse’s mouth, we are now able to confirm that Google stays the default search provider, but the two new search providers to hop on board are unsurprisingly, Yahoo! and Microsoft's Bing.

According to Steve Jobs, the final release candidate for iOS 4 is going to be ready for developers today and the final version will be shipping with new iPhone 4 hardware on Thursday, June 24.

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