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CoolIT updates its ECO A.L.C. cooling system

by on02 June 2010


Different radiators

CoolIT Systems has updated its ECO A.L.C. all-in-one water cooling system that will now be available in four different versions (in addition to the original one), depending on the size and the use of the radiator. We already had a chance to check out the original 120mm version here, and these new ones look even more interesting, as this time ECO A.L.C. will be available with 80, 92, 240 and dual 240mm radiators.

The ECO 80 A.L.C. and ECO 92 A.L.C. certainly sound pretty good if you need to fit a water cooling system inside a small and cramped up case and these will certainly find its customers on the market. The ECO 240 A.L.C. and ECO 240 A.L.C. Dual Head are mostly aimed at enthusiasts which will know how to appreciate the additional cooling performance of the larger 240mm radiator cooled by two 120mm fans, as noise is the least concern when you just want to squeeze an additional few MHz out of your system.

The noted ECO 240 A.L.C. Dual Head is designed for dual socket motherboards, like for example, EVGA's Classified SR-2. It has the same 240mm radiator with two 120mm fans but comes with a pair of base which means a pair of pumps as well.

The new CoolIT ECO A.L.C. systems can be ordered directly from CoolIT and costs US $89.99 for the 80, US $99.99 for the 92 and US $124.99 and US $164.99 for the ECO 240 A.L.C. and ECO 240 A.L.C. Dual Head.



Last modified on 03 June 2010
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