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Nvidia vs. ATI on 3DMark 06 WR

by on30 July 2007
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Battle of the Titans


The last few weeks was very busy if you like to see top end systems cooled by liquid nitrogen or dry ice and pushed to the limit.

First was Shamino who tried to take down Kingpin, and managed to get 25,733 on two Geforce 8800 Ultra's. Not long after that Kinc managed to get 25,867 with two ASUS Radeon HD 2900XT's in Crossfire. The QX6700 processor, cooled by liquid nitrogen, was working at 5,029MHz. The graphics cards were also cooled by liquid nitrogen and overclocked to 1,140MHz, and 960MHz for the memory.

The new ATI world record was taken over by Greece's team Hipro5, and even the magic 26,000 mark was broken. Hipro5 managed to push its two 8800 Ultra's over 1GHz, 1,008MHz to be exact. The memory on these two cards was working at 1,224MHz. They also used a QX6700, but was a bit slower than Kinc's, working at 4,980MHz. The memory used was CellShock PC2-9200 at 415MHz (3-3-3), and all this on an ASUS Striker Extreme motherboard. For reference Hipro5 used over 140 liters of liquid nitrogen.

The battle of the "titans" continues.




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