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Tagan to launch ITZ range of PSUs

by on27 July 2007

700W to 1300W

Tagan has informed us that they're about to release a new range of power supplies called ITZ which oddly enough stands for In the Zone. There will be models ranging from 700W to 1300W and this time around they won't be black, as Tagan will pain the ITZ models blue.

The ITZ series has also been certified by ABS Gaming Lab and carries an ABS sticker. ABS Gamin Lab is part of Newegg and it's selling a range of ABS certified products that are meant to be especially good for gamers.

How important the ABS branding is, we're not too sure about, but let's cut to the facts. All ITZ models will feature 80 percent efficiency, although this isn't likely to be the case at very low loads. All models will feature two 6-pin PCI Express graphics card power connectors as well as two 6+2-pin connectors for the new 8-pin ATI cards.

They will also have six Molex connectors, 12 SATA connectors and a separate Molex connector for extra power for the PCI Express slots via an onboard connector. The ITZ series also comes with an adaptor that adds two floppy style connectors as well as four SATA to Molex adaptors.

Currently Newegg is stocking the 900W model for US$269.99, the 1100W model for $339.99 and finally the 1300W model for $449.99. This seems quite expensive to us, but currently the ITZ range is exclusive to Newegg, but expect these to be available through other retailers over the next couple of months and they're expected to arrive in Europe as well.

Last modified on 28 July 2007
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