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Asustek to make Atom tablet

by on04 May 2010


Will run Windows 7

Asustek is
preparing a tablet PC using the Intel Atom and Windows 7 operating system. We had known that Asustek has a Google Android/Chrome tablet PC in the works, and Acer's recently revealed Internet device is aiming for competition with with Apple's iPad.

Asustek CEO and president Jerry Shen confirmed the outfit will launch two versions of its Eee Pad, one with an ARM processor and Google operating system and the other with an Intel Atom and Windows 7. Shen pointed out that the 10-inch Wintel platform tablet PC will feature a no-fan, ultra-thin and light design.

Digitimes thinks that the beast will be seen at Computex 2010 with both tablet PCs to be designed by Asustek and made by Pegatron Technology. Acer is also readying an internet device based on an ARM processor and Android operating system. It will be outsource for manufacturing to Compal Electronics.
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