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The $150 laptop could be a scam

by on27 July 2007

Cloak and dagger games

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is and it seems like the $150 notebook we wrote about yesterday might be a scam. One of our helpful readers got in touch and he did a lot of the research for us, so thanks for the hard work Mario.

First of all it appears that Medison, the company behind the Celebrity notebook has filed for bankrupcy in Sweden, or at least Medison Data AB has.

This should be the first thing to make everyone avoid this offer, secondly, there seem to be a lot of cloak and dagger play going on, as the current domain name was registered via a Hotmail address and the phone number used in the registrar information goes to some poor person in southern Sweden.

Furthermore, the registered address for is located in Kent, UK, quite strange for a Swedish company and several other companies are registerd on the same address.

There are also a lot of rumours about the owner of Medison as he seems to have been involved in some dubious business projects in the past, but we can't comment too much on this as we don't have all the information at hand.

Medison also informed IDG Sweden that it was going to have a notebook for sale through various supermarket chains in Sweden for around US$444, not $150.

This could of course just be paraniod rantings from one of our readers, but you can find a forum post about it all here, mostly in Swedish, which is full of information that doesn't quite add up.

Further information is available from (again in Swedish) as they've talked to Valdi Ivancic, the man behind Medison, who just happens to live in Brazil now. You can see a picture of him if you follow the link. Aparently the website wasn't ready to go live, but did anyhow and according to him, it will be updated with proper information shortly.

Until Fudzilla hears back from Medison directly, we'd advice our readers to hang on to their cash.

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