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Serbian President receives death threats on Facebook

by on28 April 2010


Former Croatian President, too

authorities are taking online death threats posted against President Boris Tadic quite seriously and they are promising a thorough investigation.

The threats appeared on a Facebook group, when an unidentified user warned Tadic that his new bulletproof Mercedes won't help him, as a sniper would wait for him to get out. The threat eerily echoes the assassination of reformist Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic in 2003. Djindjic was killed by an organized crime syndicate based comprised mainly of war veterans and former paramilitary leaders. Serbian Minister of Interior Ivica Dacic said that he would seek help from US authorities and Facebook in identifying the person or persons behind the threats.

Serbian officials believe that the most recent threat can also be connected to organized crime, as law enforcement agencies made several high profile arrests over the past several months. Serbian police seized several villas belonging to drug traffickers and millions in other assets, prompting concerns that government officials and police commanders could face retribution. The men arrested in the raids were apparently involved in a massive cocaine smuggling operation, dealing directly with South American drug cartels. During a recent visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tadic said that Serbia would continue targeting criminals in an effort to dismantle organized crime in Serbia proper and the rest of the region.

Just across the border, former Croatian President Stjepan Mesic also reported a number of unrelated Facebook death threats on Tuesday. The threats against Mesic apparently came from radical right-wingers and Mesic himself pinned the blame on fascist sympathizers. Mesic left office in February, after serving two 5-year terms as President.
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