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Adobe gives up on Flash for iPhone

by on22 April 2010


Apple won't stand for it

Adobe has
apparently stopped working on getting Flash support to Apple's iPhone and it will no longer try to change Jobs' mind.

An Adobe product manager wrote in his blog that Apple had recently revised its iPhone developer licensing in order to prevent developers from using certain technologies and standards, including Adobe's Flash CS5. Adobe said that it would no longer invest in planned flash support for Apple's iPhone and iPad platforms, but that it would retain the ability to develop flash for the platforms in case Apple changes its mind.

The move probably marks the end of the line for any hope of Flash support on Apple's mobiles and considering a rather public exchange between the two companies, it comes as no surprise. A few weeks ago Apple CEO Steve Jobs accused Adobe of being lazy, lacking an innovative drive and he described Flash as a CPU hog.

It appears Apple will focus on HTML5 instead, while Adobe will shift its attention to the growing Android market.
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