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US retailer Target says ?Blu-ray? only

by on27 July 2007


The HD disc format wars continue

Giant US Retailer
Target has announced through Sony that it will only be stocking Blu-ray hi-def discs and players this holiday season. It seems while the rest of the world continues to be more supportive of HD-DVD it is a different story in the US where Blu-ray seems to have a serious foothold over HD-DVD.

With Microsoft dropping the price of the HD-DVD add-on drive for the Xbox 360 to $179 US, including five free movies, the news that Target will offer only the Blu-ray format comes as somewhat of a surprise. The Target announcement does lend additional credence to the rumor that even bigger US retailer Wal-mart has done a deal an exclusive deal to sell a low-cost HD-DVD player this holiday season.

While Wal-mart issued a statement nay saying these rumors just a few months ago, it seems that the HD-DVD spin machine wants us to believe that victory over the Blu-ray is just around the corner; and a deal for a HD-DVD player sold at Wal-mart for US$199 could really turn the tide for those who have not made a decision as to which format to go with.

While the entire mess is beginning to smell very similar to the old “Beta vs. VHS” war that we thought it would, the price of the players continues to drop, with more combo players that are able to play both formats in the works. While it would have been easier for consumers if there were only one format, the games between the two factions continue.

The ultimate loser will be the consumer who makes the “wrong” choice in format, unless they decide to purchase one of the pricey combo players that can play both formats. And, naturally, the combo players cost significantly more than a single format player. Early adaptors beware, and make your selection carefully.

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