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Reasons not to buy an iPad

by on06 April 2010


All hype

We have
been scanning through all the over hyped coverage of the iPad launch over the weekend, including some reviews. Those which were clearly not written by Apple fanboys reveal a few things in common. While many say that it is nice looking and sleek there is also lots of reasons why anyone who buys one is insane.

It is impossible to carry - There is no way of viably carrying it. You'll need a case of some sort to protect it and carry the power cable. It's too thin, heavy, slippery and expensive to put under your arm. You end up carrying it like a dinner tray and people insist on putting their coffee on it

It weighs a ton - Well it weighs 1.5 pounds but in comparison to a Kindle ebook reader, which is about 10 ounces, it is weighty enough to bend light. If you hold it too long you get tired wrists although many Apple fanboys have strong wrists so that might not be a problem.

It is hard to hold - Some reviewers claim it is slippery, and its aluminum back is ever-so-slightly slightly concave. For some reason it lacks rubber feet so if you use it on a table because your hands are tired, see above, it moves.

The screen is about as reflective as a mirror - This is great if you want to use the iPad to do your make-up or brush your hair. However to use the iPad you have to dim the lights otherwise you can't see the screen. It is safe to forget about using the iPad in the sunshine. The Kindle's non-glossy e-ink display is better for reading.

Fingerprints - Within seconds of using an iPad you realise that your fingers are not clean. It does not matter if you wash them you really need to handle your iPad with surgical gloves if you don't what your paw marks over the picture. The iPad is too big to wipe on your jeans so you have to carry a proper screen wipe too.

Multitasking? Don't make me laugh - The iPad uses the iPhone OS which means it is about as useful as a computing device as a dead badger. The iPhone can't multi-task to save its life which is bearable on a phone, but intolerable on anything trying to resemble a computer.

A machine for people with more money than sense - You have to stump up $500 for the basic low low-memory model. If you use it, the memory will fill up quickly. If you buy what you really need memory wise, including the 2-year, $280 "we'll replace it even if you drop it" warranty it will cost $1,000.

The browser is useless - The iPhone ships with a cut down version of Safari which only an Apple fanboy or Steve Jobs' mum could love. It can't play Flash because Steve is at war with Adobe so you can forget visiting about 90 per cent of the world wide wibble. True Flash is buggy but it is mostly what the Internet runs on what ever Steve Jobs wishes.

The keyboard is useless - While it is nice to play with a touch screen on a phone when it is increased in size its usefulness does not match. Sure it is bigger but you still end up typing with one finger. Those who touch type will find the keyboard impossible to use. True you can plug in a real keyboard but that somewhat defeats the purpose of Jobs' dream machine.

There's no USB port - What was Jobs' smoking? You can't connect the gear to anything useful. Oh there is a separate accessory from Apple for a camera. Whoop.

Applications look pants - At the moment the software for the iPad are based on the iPhone. These have been designed for a screen the size of a postage stamp. When they are shoved on to an iPad screen, iPhone-only apps look pixelated. Ipad software is more expensive.

Why do you want it? - The iPad can't replace a smartphone, a laptop, it is too heavy for an ereader. What do you want it for?

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