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Google sued over North Carolina tax perks

by on26 July 2007


More bad PR

Google is continuing to get into trouble over its government deal in North Carolina.

First the company was slammed for trying to gag law makers involved in making the tax exemption deal and now it has been sued by a libertarian group over the plan.

Under the deal Google invested around $600 million and employ more than 200 people in a data center in Len According to the  Triangle Business Journal a libertarian advocacy group, The North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law, is challenging those incentives and suing Google.

The organisation says a state law designed to give Google tax exemptions, as well as a $4.8 million state Job Development Investment Grant given to the Web giant, violate various provisions of the state Constitution.

The same group sued to block more than $200 million in incentives to lure Dell to Winston-Salem, but the case was dismissed and the ruling has been appealed.

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