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Alienware Notebooks with 2 Solid-State in RAID

by on25 July 2007

Two 32GB SSD's in RAID 0


According to Computershopper, Alienware has started to offer SSD's on Area-51 m5550, Area-51 m9750, and Aurora m9700 notebook models.

Solid State Drives are the future of notebook market, everybody agrees on that. Their lack of moving parts, quicker access data, lower power usage, makes them a better choice over standard hard drives.

The 32GB solid-state drive notebook offer is nothing special, but Alienware's mixed drive config offer with 32GB SSD and plain 200GB hard drive is something else. Even better, Alienware is offering a RAID 0 config with two 32GB SSD's, which gives a lot of performance improvement.


Alienware's offer of a single SSD will add another $500, SSD and standard hard drive will cost $620, and two SSD's will add $920 to the price.



Last modified on 25 July 2007
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