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Used electronics sales are green

by on25 July 2007


One persons junk...

A new website has been launched which buys used consumer electronic products from consumers, and then resells them on eBay to other consumers. Second Rotation is the vendor who came up with this ingenious idea. 

It’s easy to use their service: go to their website  and type in the type of gear you want to sell to find an estimate of what it is worth. Then pack it up, print out a shipping label and ship it to them. Once Second Rotation receives your item, they confirm the item’s value and send you a check or a PayPal amount for the dollar value of it.

Now you can finally afford to part with that stuff that you have been storing that is still quite usable, but just not the latest and greatest technology – and actually make some cash on it, as well.

How is Second Rotation able to make money and provide this service, you might wonder? They do their research by checking sales on eBay, then pay slightly less for the used consumer electronics than the price they think they will be able to get for them on eBay. Currently Second Rotation lists about 2,500 items on eBay.

With the rapid pace of innovation consumer products sometimes become obsolete well ahead of the end of their useful life. This new service allows consumers to upgrade their gear, get something for it and at the same time recycle it without adding it to a land fill. While consumers could sell their own equipment on eBay themselves, the Website caters more to sellers who don’t want the hassle of selling on eBay.

Second Rotation also has indicated that they plan to work with recyclers to salvage parts and pieces of equipment they get that have little resale value.

All we can say is why didn’t we think of this???

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