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Nintendo keeps WII-ninng

by on24 July 2007


Hardware and software-wise


We hear a lot about Nintendo these days, the Wii and DS continues to rule the console sales charts. However, these aren't the only good news for Nintendo-lovers. Apparently analysts overlooked a major surge in Nintendo software sales and the numbers are impressive.

In the first half of the year, the top 10 video game chart featured an unbelievable seven games for Nintendo consoles, four of the games are for the WII, and the other three for Nintendo DS.

The top selling title for June was the Wii's Mario Party 8, and it sold 426,000 units. Bear in mind that the price of this game is $49.70 and then do the math.

We will definitely hear more from Nintendo as some analysts say that the game sales might result in increased demand for its consoles, and then complete the circle again with greater demand for games. If this happens we sincerely think that Nintendo will become unstoppable.

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Last modified on 24 July 2007
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