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Asus shows its first DR-900 e-book reader

by on03 March 2010


Cebit 2010: Looks quite nice

In addition
to bunch of AIOs, notebooks, Eee PCs and the rest of the components, Asus has also showed its first e-book reader as well, the 9-inch DR-900.

Although the device wasn't powered up and we couldn't check out how it works, we were able to take a few pictures. It will be available in both white and black colour options and it has a 9-inch Sipix electronic paper display. The resolution is 1024x768 at 150 ppi and it can display 16 grayscale levels.

The dimensions are 222x161x9.7mm and the rest of the specs include either 2 or 4GB of internal storage, 802.11g WiFi, 3.5G HSPA and optional WiMAX, USB 2.0 via micro-USB port, 3.5mm stereo audio jack and built-in stereo speakers. It supports PDF, TXT, Audible, MP3, unprotected ePub, HTML, JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP picture formats. It also comes with a point-n-translate option with built-in dictionary.

Asus didn't share the precise battery life but it did say that it should last for over 10,000 page turns and that the battery needs approximately three and a half hours for a full charge.


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