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A pickle has more fans than Nickleback

by on24 February 2010


Joke site miffs

band Nickelback can't compete against a pickle according to an overnight popular page on Facebook, as a group named "Can this pickle get more fans than Nickleback?" has already notched up 1.4 million fans.

It's well worth noting that Nickelback had 1.38 million fans on Facebook making it one of the most popular groups. The latest group, however, was started as a joke earlier this month by a Facebook user called Coral Anne, with the band's name deliberately spelled wrong on the page to get around copyright infringement.

"This is all strictly intended for humor and nothing more or less," she wrote. "I am not using this page to endorse any hate toward the band Nickelback ... I do not wish Nickelback or any other bands any ill will and hope they would see the same humor in making this page as I have."

Nickelback for once is not saying something very loudly.

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