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by on18 February 2010


Twitter yourself out of a TV

There are
quite a few ways of raising awareness about personal information security, but the crew of has come up with a rather innovative approach.

The site uses an aggregation of public Twitter messages fed through location-based networking site Foursquare. Basically, it uses Twitter messages to identify which user is away and lists homes that are just begging to be burgled. So, if you've told your twitter followers you've gone skiing, you've also told the whole world + dog.

Some might argue that goes a step or two beyond just raising awareness, but the site points out that it is merely using available, public data. Even without the service, a tech savvy criminal could easily identify vacant homes and take his time robbing the owners blind while they're twittering about their holiday.

So, don't share your movements on twitter or other sites. Not only will you keep your property a bit safer, but you will also stop boring people. Nobody cares if you've gone fishing, skiing or whatnot.

Check it out.
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