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iPhone development surges in January

by on15 February 2010


Thanks to the iPad announcement

who suspected that the iPad could do more than prop the door open (I doubt it’s capable of that either. sub.ed) will surely be laughing now as mobile analyst firm Flurry Analytics reports that iPhone OS dev support has “exploded” since the iPad hit the market.

The company said how “Developers integrating Flurry analytics into iPhone OS applications in January increased by nearly three times over December. This represents the single largest spike in Flurry history, with over 1,600 new iPhone OS application starts for January,". Naturally, the “first come first served” rule applies, and this might spell a nice income for early bird developers.

The iPad has received what we like to call “mixed reactions”, although they don’t seem as nearly as mixed as one would’ve figured they’d be. The mix seems to be the same mix that has been sparking Mac-PC debates throughout the years – Jobs’ mob loves it, most of the remaining public is pretty indifferent. Of course, certain developers went on record saying they like the potential and one developer even went as far as to say it’s revolutionary, but we’ll see whether they're ready to put their money where their mouths are and launch anything worthy of notice to back up their “revolutionary” claims.

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