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360 FFXIII 250GB bundle confirmed

by on12 February 2010


To arrive March 9th with exclusive content

The next
250GB Xbox 360 bundle has been confirmed for the North American market. This time around, the new Xbox 360 bundle will be known as the Final Fantasy XIII. It is set to arrive March 9th and some retailers have already begun taking pre-orders for it.

The actual FFXIII 360 bundle will not be that much different from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 bundle that Microsoft did late last year. The FFXIII 360 Elite bundle will feature the white Xbox 360 console with the silver DVD-ROM drive bezel, two wireless white controllers, a single wired headset, and a copy of the standard edition of Final Fantasy XIII. The biggest star of the bundle will, of course, be the included 250GB hard drive that will be a part of this bundle.

The one additional unknown that is said to be a part of this bundle is the exclusive content that is a part of the package. We have to assume that it will be similar to the pre-order content that those who pre-order will get. In addition, we hear that you will get some downloadable FFXIII avatar items as part of the bundle.

One other bonus is that a limited number of FFXII consoles will get limited edition face places that were designed by Tetsuya Nomura. These faceplates will be distributed across selected retailers in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand as part of the launch. We don't think that they are going to be included in the console bundles, so you might actually be able to latch on to one.

According to our sources, Microsoft is really keen on making sure that everyone knows that outside Japan the North American Xbox 360 FFXIII bundle is the only official bundle that includes the game as part of the bundle. It is also worth noting that everyone with this information is insisting that consumers know that the bundle only includes the standard edition of the game. It is strange that they would do this, since there is no limited edition version of the game announced; but it almost seems as though this is a hint that a limited edition version is coming at some point. Maybe or maybe not? Who knows?
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