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Samsung showcases DLP rear projection

by on20 July 2007


HD 3D sterescope TV with goggles

At the
West Village NYC Samsung Gadget Fest this week Samsung unveiled a new DLP rear projection high-definition 3-D enabled television. That’s right – science fiction has come to life in its full 3-D effect.  The HD television image looks slightly blurry until you put on a pair of funny looking high tech LCD shutter glasses that synchronize with an emitter on top of the television for a true 3-D clear stereoscopic image of the television broadcast image. 

The television operates at 120Hz and broadcasts through an emitter (a small device that sits on top of the television) at a frequency of 60Hz per eye, synchronizing with the LCD shutter glasses that offer images to each eye such that the eyes are unable to detect any split signal.  Thus, for the true 3-D stereoscopic experience the viewer needs the HD and 3-D enabled DLP TV, a pair of LCD shutter glasses, an emitter, a proprietary software package that runs on any media center-ready PC with at least a 2G processor, and a DVI card.

According to Samsung, the DLP HD 3-D televisions are available now, ranging from $1,400 to $4,500, depending on the size of the screen. The price of 2 pair of 3-D glasses plus the emitter is approximately $100, and the proprietary software package is about $50.  The PC and 2G processor are available at various price ranges, as is the DVI card.   Tune in to the Sci-Fi channel and you’re ready to be terrified by the likes of the Body Snatchers and mad zombies.

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