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Logitech G9 gaming mouse in the works

by on23 July 2007

If we can trust the spy shots

Why is it that every time someone gets a few spy shots of some new hot, cool or interesting hardware is it that the pictures are either blurry, completley out of focus or just generally terrible quality? Well, Engadget has found some pictures of what supposedly is the upcoming Logitech G9 gaming mouse on a Chinese forum, but they aren't what I'd call great pictures.

However, this looks like a rather strange beast and several of Engadgets readers seems to think it's a Chinese fake. Judging from the looks, it doesn't seem like the best mouse ever from Logitech, but I think it's the real deal.

First of all, look at the mouse wheel, it's the same design as the MX Revolution is using and that's a step forward, even for a gaming mouse. The braided mouse wire is also a giveaway, as the G5 is already featuring this.

The odd removable top also features similar side buttons as the MX Revolution and the new wheight cartridge might look like a battery compartment, but according to the Chinese site that the pictures are from, this is for four new weights of either 4 or 7g each. This isn't as good as the G5's eight weights, but as these are only in 1.7 and 4.5g weights, the heavier ones might make up for this.

According to the same site, the G9 will feature up to 3000dpi and five different user programable settings. It also looks like the new mouse has been given some additional LED lights, but it's unclear what these are for at this point.

You can check out the pictures over at Engadget
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