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Nintendo's president shoots down the iPad

by on29 January 2010


It was a bigger iPod Touch

Jobs’ mob working overtime to keep the hype from subsiding, the reports about Apple’s latest device are pouring in from all fronts, but unfortunately for the fruit-themed company, they’re not all favorable. This time around, Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata had a couple of things to say about the device.

Iwata seems to have pretty much summed up what was on everyone’s mind - “It was a bigger iPod Touch” and added how there were no surprises for him. Reading through reviews, such a reaction is pretty natural as some features and lack thereof are pretty disappointing.

Iwata further commented on how he doesn’t see 3D video-gaming becoming successful, despite the fact that he liked Avatar and the accompanying technology in cinemas. He said how he doubts that people will be wearing glasses to play games in the comfort of their homes and conveniently asked “How is that going to look to other people?”

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Last modified on 29 January 2010
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