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Asus' DR-950 e-reader priced and dated

by on28 January 2010


Comes in April

According to the guys at, that were the first one to break the news, Asus' DR-950 might come sooner than anyone could have guessed. Asus' DR-950 should be the first of three rumoured e-readers that will appear in retail and it looks like it will come sometimes in April, just a month after the CeBIT show where it should be officially presented.

The Asus DR-950 has a 9-inch 1024x768 touch screen display and supports PDF, TXT, Audible, MP3, HTML and various picture file formats. It will be equipped with WiFi and 3G and will feature 2 or 4GB of internal storage.

The mentioned April release date is set for the UK, but we suspect that the rest of the Europe to see it then as well, although other world regions might get it sooner or even later. The price isn't carved in stone, but Asus is aiming at around £250 including VAT, which converts to around €290 or US $400.

It sounds and looks good unless you are waiting for the colour screen version which should come a bit later. All we have to do is see it, feel it and make our final judgment.

You can find more here.

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