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Nanya goes on building spree

by on21 January 2010


New factories

Nanya has
decided to increase spending on capital equipment to $627 million this year in a bid to migrate to more advanced processes and rapidly expand capacity.

According to Digitimes Nanya wants to double capacity at its 12-inch fab from the current 30,000 wafers to 50,000-60,000 wafers. If you factor in capacity from Inotera Memories, Nanya's total 12-inch capacity will reach 115,000-125,000 wafers a month, and account for 10 per cent of overall output from all 12-inch DRAM fabs. Inotera supplies half of the DRAM output from its 12-inch fabs to Nanya, and the other half to Micron. It is currently moving from  70nm-class trench to 50nm and observers say that the outfit is shifting to the new technology on time.

Both Nanya and Inotera are stepping up efforts to convert all of their 12-inch chip production to Micron's 50nm process. It is not clear how long it will take to ramp up production, but word on the street is that demand for chips is growing very fast and manufacturers will find it hard to keep up.

Nanya has said it will run its 12-inch fab at flat out n March, and will start using 50nm process to produce DRAM in the second quarter. It also expects to kick off pilot runs for 40nm-class chips in the second half of 2010.
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