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Mike Magee opens new Tech magazine

by on21 January 2010


What? Another one?


The Father Jack of the IT press, Mike Magee has opened another site dedicated to kicking the industry in its collective nadgers., headed up editorially by Mike Magee, founder of The Register, The Inquirer, will cover everything IT, geek, science, gadget and more, promising to deliver daily updates on all the latest hardware, software, business, mobile, chip and security news. According to the press release the rag will be run by a dedicated and enthusiastic team of seasoned writers will break stories and provide accurate and informative content, including news, reviews and editorial opinion.

Regular contributors include Tom Foremski, head honcho at the influential, Fernando Cassia, King Geek of South America, Tony “Tone The Phone” Dennis, who has been working as a freelance writer and communications consultant for over 25 years, Nick Farrell who has worked for Any Publication You Can Think Of Including This One, fresh faced self-confessed social media nerd and experienced IT writer Alexandra Pullin and old-school ex military IT darling Sylvie Barak.

The outfit has the Ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus as its logo which is supposed to see off evil. Magee tells us it is to keep its peepers directly on every aspect and area of the tech industry.

“TechEye will boldly go and examine everything, register them, inquire about them, in an accurate way. We are the Tech Aliens,” he said.

The rag is being put together by Jam IT Media which is headed by James Crowley, Allan Rutherford and Magee. Magee was recently listed as the 35th most influential person in IT in the UK The Daily Telegraph.

Check it out.

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