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Lockheed Martin gets into USB flash drives

by on20 January 2010


Never mind the laser guided missiles

of high tech war gear Lockheed Martin seems to have had a bit of a change of heart on its business strategy.

According to a press release that crossed our desk the outfit is getting into making an ultra-secure USB flash drive. Obviously this is a bit of change form the laser guided death rays and combat fighters the outfit usually turns out.

With a little help from the people at IronKey, the new key comes with some custom software that allows you to carry your entire computer with you and securely use it on any public computer.

The basic drive has 8GB of storage, and includes 256-bit encryption, built-in virus protection, and a variety of networking features, The network tools will let organisations keep watch on individual drives and control what can or cannot be installed on them.

So far there is no word on a release date or pricing. It might be that Lockheed Martin will just flog them to outfits who ask.
Last modified on 20 January 2010
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