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Acer launches polar bear friendly notebooks

by on20 January 2010


Greenpeace loves them

In an
effort to appease a bunch of tree-hugging communists, Acer has just rolled out a couple of new Timelines.

The Aspire 3811TZ and Aspire 3811TZG are basically identical to 3810 series Timelines, but they're made without PVCs  and brominated flame retardants. This means they get the Greenpeace stamp of approval and you won't feel like you've just clubbed a baby seal once you chuck them in the recycle bin.

However, Greenpeace still maintains Acer's desktops and monitors are still tainted with PVCs and BFRs. Well, the new Timelines are a good start. Hopefully they'll get rid of that nasty stuff across their product range.
Last modified on 20 January 2010
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