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Name of Apple tablet up in the air

by on20 January 2010


Might be iTablet, not iSlate, after all

As we draw closer to January 27th with the Apple event, nearly everyone who is paying attention is expecting Apple to officially announce their new tablet device. In a move that might seem strange to many, several sources are now suggesting that Apple may, in fact, have settled on the iTablet name for the new device, rather than the iSlate name that everyone (including our own sources) were convinced the company was going to be going with.

Not that the name of the new tablet device really matters, but we do hear that Apple will announce version 4.0 of the iPhone/iPod Touch OS. It is thought that the tablet will run a version of this same 4.0 OS, as well, but it is unclear at this point if this is actually the case. However, the new multi-touch gestures and OS-Wide support do seem to indicate that the tablet will use the same OS, which to be expected. OS 4.0 is also said to bring background and multitasking support as well as a variety of new user interface and graphical changes to the platform.

One thing that is interesting is that the OS 4.0 update may not be compatible with all of the iPhones that have been released. Some sources suggest that only the 3G and 3GS models will be able to take advantage of the upgrade which will, of course, leave those that have not upgraded out in the cold. We would have to guess that this would apply to the iPod Touch, as well, with only the most recent generation being able to take advantage of the 4.0 upgrade.

Last modified on 20 January 2010
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