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OCZ is going back to basics

by on12 January 2010


Memory, SSDs and some PSUs

a company well known for its super overclocking memory, has made a major change in its product lineup.

They tried launching keyboards and mice, NIA, and some other non-memory related products, and this time the company’s heads have told us that 2010 will be all about memory products.

The big focus is on SSDs from enterprise, server all the way to high end to low end desktop drives. They expect that this will be a big market opportunity and they plan to bring many SSD-related producs in 2010. Computer memory is something that the company plans to continue to do, and high end and overclocking memory will remain company’s focus.

OCZ also wants to continue its PSU business as they do believe that there is a niche market for them in this space. Let's not forget that they will continue doing USB drives, incuding USB 3.0 ones. They already showed such drives as USB 3.0 with 215MB/s read speeds and 175MB/s speeds, something that we will tell you all about some other time.

Company leaders, including the CEO Ryan Peterson and CMO Alex Mei, believe that 2010 should be a good year for their business.
Last modified on 12 January 2010
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