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DirecTV HR24 is real

by on11 January 2010


Multi tuner server using MOCA

The rumors of a new DirecTV receiver have turned out to be confirmed by way of it appearing at CES. The new receiver, however, is a new multi-tuner receiver that really is a server known as the HR24. The HR24 server box will deliver both satellite and recorded content to a satellite box (of which we have been unable to this point to confirm the model number) using MOCA technology.

According to various reports, a demo of the technology was up and running in the Entropic booth on the floor. From the latest that we hear, the HR24 setup is still undergoing testing and tweaking, but they are looking to be able to release it before mid-year; but that is just a guess at this point.

As for the elusive new DirecTV HD box with TiVo, there is no news. While DirecTV did have an actual booth at CES this year, they did show up in booths of other manufacturers with their technology. However, absent was the new DirecTV HD TiVo box. According to our sources the box was not even shown in TiVo’s meeting room at CES, and those that asked TiVo representatives about it were told to contact DirecTV. Looks like nothing new after all on this front.

Last modified on 11 January 2010
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