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iPhone hackers claim partial victory

by on19 July 2007


Allows any AT&T or Cingular SIM card


Hackers at the iPhone Dev Wiki have claimed partial success in unlocking the Apple iPhone.

According to Wired, they have created a program call IASign that allows any AT&T or Cingular SIM card to be activated and used in the phone.

The hack means that you could get out of the iPhone’s 2-year AT&T contract by buying using a SIM card that you already own. You could also buy a pre-paid AT&T “Go Phone” and use that SIM card.

The Mac software is pretty user unfriendly but the hackers are working on a GUI interface along with a Windows version. It is not quite close to the holy grail of running any SIM card you like, but the group claims it has not given up on that yet.

It is possible that they will be getting it ready for the Black Hat and Defcon computer security conventions in Las Vegas.

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