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Kingston to flog MJ's "This is It" on flash drives

by on08 January 2010



Kingston has signed an agreement with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to release a flash drive preloaded with Michael Jackson's "This is It". Although the King of Pop is dead as a doornail, "This is It" is getting quite a lot of attention and raking in quite a lot of dosh for Sony, hence Kingston is eager to get on board the gravy train.

"We are humbled and excited to present this movie starring Michael Jackson, the greatest entertainer of all time, on Kingston Flash memory," said Rick Webb, vice president, consumer markets group, Kingston. "Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is a leader in providing quality content and this collaboration into digital media adds unique value to our memory offerings. This DataTraveler USB Flash drive is destined to be a collector's item."

The drive will start shipping January 26 and it will feature a 5-year warranty. We doubt Chris Hansen would buy one.
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