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Qualcomm inks deal with GF, stays in bed with TSMC

by on08 January 2010


Ménage à trois

Chipmaker Qualcomm announced that it would keep working with TSMC and develop 28nm with the Taiwanese foundry. The announcement comes just a day after the company signed a production deal with AMD spinoff Globalfoundries.

Qualcomm doesn't want to put all its eggs in one basket, but unlike Gloabalfoundries, TSMC won't make 32nm Qualcomm chips. The company plans to migrate directly from 45nm to 28nm and the first 28nm tape-outs are expected later this year.

So, Globalfoundries will take care of Qualcomm's 32nm needs for the time being, while TSMC will push 28nm. Once Globalfoundries' FAB1 in Dresden starts churning out 28nm silicone, Qualcomm will jump on board as well.

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