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OCZ is ready for the new year

by on07 January 2010


Bunch of new SSDs

According to reports OCZ was quite busy and it is ready for this new year and will continue to focus on the SSD market where they did quite well during 2009. OCZ plans to introduce a bunch of new SSDs in Q1 2010. Many are based on the new Sandforce controller, while others will use the well known Indilinx controllers.

In the enterprise segment, OCZ is working on the Vertex 2 Pro EX and Vertex 2 Pro which are based on the Sandforce SF-1500 controller. The first one will use faster SLC NAND chips and will have impressive read and write speeds of up to 280MB/s and 270MB/s. The non-EX version should be quite similar except for the fact that it will use MLC chips in order to lower the cost a bit.

The non-Pro Vertex 2 will use the Sandforce SF-1200 controller and thus it will have a bit lower read and write speeds but should be a bit cheaper.

The ones that the bigger part of the consumer market is interested in is the Solid 2 line which will still be based on quite well known Indilinx Barefoot controller paired up with MLC NAND chips which should give it write and read speeds of up to 220 and 130MB/s.

The final stand in the lower priced segment is the drive that should show up pretty soon, maybe even as of next month. This one uses Indilinx Amigos controller, and an impressive price tag of US $99. Of course, we are talking about a 32GB version that should hopefully give Intel's X25-V a run for its money and also bring the SSD much closer to the average consumer.

We'll be keeping a close eye on OCZ's SSDs in Q1, as it certainly has a lot to show.

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