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DirecTV to add dedicated 3D-HD channel

by on30 December 2009


Satellite just launched, announcement at CES

While many DirecTV subscribers are likely hoping that DirecTV will finally make a formal announcement on when the promised new HD TiVo DVR will arrive, our sources are confirming that the company will at least announce a new first for 3D satellite television.

According to our sources, DirecTV is planning to announce at CES the plan for the company to launch the first-ever Satellite 3D-HD channel that the company will offer in 2010. While we don’t know yet exactly when the channel is slated to come online, we do believe that it will be closely tied to the next DirecTV satellite that the company will launch later today; and plans are to have it online and operational before March 2010.

Of course, the announcement of a 3D-HD channel does not mean much to many without the necessary TVs that support the 3D-HD technology, and this is expected to be a lot of the big buzz that manufacturers are going to be talking about during CES in Las Vegas next month. The channel is expected to show a variety of movies and sports using the latest 3D standard, but we don’t have any word yet on how much, if anything, the channel is expected to cost.

Some interesting good news about this move by DirecTV is that, according to whispers that we are hearing, the majority of recent HD and HD DVR receivers that DirecTV has recently released will be able to support the 3D-HD standard with a simple firmware update and without the need to purchase or lease a new receiver.  This should make those that take the plunge into the 3D TV waters very happy.

Last modified on 31 December 2009
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