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Texas to name and shame drunks on Twitter

by on25 December 2009


Mel Gibson better stay away

A Texan
county has come up with a rather innovative way of keeping drunk drivers off the roads during the holiday season, and no, it does not involve shotguns. 

The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office has decided to publish names of all drivers charged with driving while intoxicated over the holidays on Twitter. If the scheme works, the county will start publishing similar lists on other holidays, such as Fourth of July and Memorial Day. We must admit we like the idea. It won't cost the taxpayers much and it does sound like a good way to embarrass people into getting a cab, as egos are usually more powerful than legislation.

The man behind the idea is County Vehicular Crimes Prosecutor Warren Diepraam. "It's not a magic bullet that's going to end DWIs, but its something to make people think twice before they get behind the wheel of a car and drive while they're intoxicated," he said.

However, the plans are also drawing flack from legal experts who believe publishing such information just isn't fair considering the presumption of innocence and whatnot. Several lawyers are a bit worried that innocent people could end up on the list and that publishing such information could affect their right for a fair trial. Since we don't like lawyers or drunk drivers, we still think it's a good idea.

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