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Chinese pirates clone XP

by on28 December 2009


Open saucy goodness

Chinese pirates are set to miff Microsoft by adapting the Open Source Ubuntu until it is the spit of Windows XP. Apparently the pirates had made a hacked version of Windows XP but for some reason Microsoft cracked down on it.

Now the answer to that is the Ylmf OS.  If you have a look at the download page and are fluent in Chinese you will find an ISO that you can download. Unfortunately looking at the testing, and the screenshots, would suggest that the OS's GUI is purely Chinese too.

The only thing that can stop the pirates is the fact that Windows XP's GUI is copyrighted as much as the main operating system. We suspect that Redmond is having a few words with Chinese authorities about the cloning.

We feel sorry for all the Ubuntu developers out there who must be looking at their Open Source child twisted and corrupted until it looks so much like the proprietary enemy.

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