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Apple plans ?big product launch?

by on24 December 2009


Cease my fluttering heart

Financial Times claims that Apple has reserved space in late January at a venue in San Francisco in advance of a planned product announcement.

Apparently there will be a big rally for black shirts at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on January 26. Not surprisingly the announcement has dusted off rumours about a bit of vapourware that Apple has been making its fanboys moist over – the tablet.

Apple has never confirmed the existence of the device which is basically a big screen iPhone or iPod touch. Some analysts believe the company will launch the device in the spring, possibly in March.

However there are loads of things that Apple could be launching and you will not find out until the day. Certainly there are signs that Jobs' Mob has been making something in its Chinese factories. We are sure that even if it is not a tablet, the black shirted fanboys and tame press will cheer it like it is the second coming of God.
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