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Berlusconi attack faked

by on24 December 2009


Internet campaign launched

An internet
campaign has been launched which claims to have proof that the attack on the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was faked.

Video posted on YouTube shows television footage in which Berlusconi immediately covers the lower part of his face with a black plastic bag after the attack and keeps it there while being bundled into a car with no blood visible. The video which has had more than 200,000 views, is titled "The Attack on Berlusconi Is a Set-Up." Other similar videos have appeared on the site, including one that has had some 60,000 views.

The campaigners believe that the attack was faked and staged managed to create an internet wave of sympathy for Berlusconi who has been dropping in the polls thanks to his involvement in sex scandals and the fact his marriage is on the rocks. Coppers arrested a bloke with a long history of psychiatric troubles after the attack. The 73-year-old Berlusconi with a broken nose, two broken teeth and other facial injuries.

The videos ask why the prime minister emerged from the car a few minutes after the attack, showing his bloody face to the cameras, including a deep wound below his left eye which did not appear in the first images. There is no blood on the prime minister's clothes.

"A manipulation is under way on a world scale, whose aim in the short and long term is to take control of the Internet," the author concludes.

Of course the government has not helped its case by telling Facebook to close down pages praising the attacker. Italian politicians, who need everything they can throw at Berlusconi, have dismissed the suggestions. Giuseppe Fioroni, the opposition Democratic Party's shadow welfare minister and a trained doctor, urged a stop to the "foolishness."

Berlusconi had a three-point increase in public trust to 48 percent after the attack. Unfortunately conspiracy theorists have the problem that Berlusconi was actually too popular to need to stage an event like this. Even at his record low in popularity, Berlusconi is still the most popular leader in Europe. (And the best dressed one, too. sub.ed.)
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