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LG unveils prototype 2.6mm thick LCD panel

by on21 December 2009



LG Display
has show off its tech prowess once again, this time with an absurdly thin 42-inch LCD panel dubbed Extreme Slim LCD TV.

The LED baclklit Full HD panel sports a 2.6mm girth and a 120Hz refresh rate. LG claims it weighs under 4kg and can easily be wall mounted. Just lick it and glue it on like a stamp, if you remember what those were.


Mind you, the average HDMI or power cable is much thicker than 2.6mm, so the entire concept does seem a like an exercise in futility. However, it's still a mouthwatering piece of kit.

The Extreme Slim will be showcased at CES, but it's unclear whether it will go into production.
Last modified on 21 December 2009
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