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FTC files antitrust suit against Intel

by on17 December 2009


Here we go again

US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has charged Intel of using its dominant market position to undermine is smaller, green competitors.

The Feds argue Intel used illegal practices to make life harder for its competitors, such as preferential pricing and treatment of partners who chose to stay Intel exclusive. In case this sounds eerily familiar, it's worth noting the European Commission accused Intel of practically the same practices and in the end slapped the chipmaker with a $1.45 billion fine.

As if that wasn't enough, Intel recently settled its dispute with rival chipmaker AMD and the green outfit walked out with $1.25 billion greenbacks in its pocket. Intel is also embroiled in a chipset licensing dispute with yet another green company, Nvidia.

As the EC, FTC, AMD and Nvidia weren't enough, Intel is currently facing serious antitrust cases in South Korea and New York State. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to sue Intel, get a ridiculous settlement and quit Fudzilla, or better yet, buy it and sack that obnoxious sub.ed. of ours. (Good luck, looking forward to suing you right back. sub.ed.)
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